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Whether you've never played the guitar before or are looking to purchase a new one, Infinite Music will stock your perfect guitar. 

We have a wide selection of guitars to suit all your strumming wants and needs, from electrics, basses and acoustics. We also have all the best brands, ranging from SX to Fender, and so much more. 


Electric Guitars

Musician playing electric guitar


Many guitarists are drawn to electric guitars due to their amazing rock energy and sound. They are also extremely simple to play without hurting your fingers. 

Electric guitars have narrow necks which keep the strings close together. This ensures that your hand can easily make most chords and scales without stretching too far. 

The amps also augment the sound a little, which can help hide many of your mistakes so you can always sound great. 

Our most popular electric guitars include:


Bass Guitars

Man playing bass guitar


Bass guitars often have a longer neck, thicker strings, and larger frets than other guitar types. Basses also come in various varieties: 4, 5, and 6 strings, precision, and jazz.

In the beginning, bass guitars are easier to learn as they are monophonic and have fewer chords. 

The bass is ideal for musicians who love to hold a rhythm, play a set range of chords and enjoy playing an integral, yet less bold role in bands. 

 A range of our customer's favourite bass guitars include:


Acoustic Guitars

Man playing acoustic guitar on stage with microphones


Most beginner guitarists will learn the basics of an acoustic guitar. This is because they are the most balanced type of guitar in terms of sound, playability and difficulty.

With acoustic guitars, it is easy to hear if a chord is off, so you will be forced to correct your mistakes and master the basics to sound good.

The shape of these guitars also provide your picking arm with somewhere to rest comfortably, which helps minimise hand fatigue. 

Some of our best-selling acoustic guitars include:


Classical Guitars

Woman playing classical guitar


Classical guitars are smaller, making them one of the more lightweight guitar types. This makes them ideal for beginners and younger guitarists. 

They are also one of the hardest ones to master, due to their airy sounds that accentuate mistakes and have less resonance. Once you get the feel for the plucking and strumming, the classical guitars can be a massive source of confidence. 

Our top three classical guitars are:


Guitar Accessories

Guitar accessories: rainbow guitar picks,  strings, guitar stand etc.


We also stock all your guitar needs. We have everything from picks, strings, straps, cases and so much more.

The accessories that you use to play are just as important as the instrument itself, so you must make sure you get everything you need. 


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You can take a closer look at all of the guitars mentioned above and the rest of our range on our website or by visiting our music store in Nambour. 

Our staff are all professional musicians who can help pair you with your perfect instrument and all of the accessories that you require. Then you can start living out your musician fantasies.