Benefits of Using a Metronome When Learning Music

Do you own a metronome?

The truth is, many beginner and budding musicians do not. Metronomes are often overlooked, while we instead focus on purchasing the instrument of choice and its essential accessories. 

This is because when we are excited to learn a new instrument we tend to focus on learning the notes, chords, and various parts of the instrument. While these are all essential to learning, so are timing and rhythm. 

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of using a metronome when learning music. 


Improve Timing

The most common difficulty musicians have is sensing the beat and how they are divided. When you lose track of the beat your timing can go out the window. 

Timing is a key component of playing nice-sounding music. Many musicians try to learn and keep track of this on their own by tapping their feet or nodding their heads. This can be difficult to keep track of when multitasking with the instrument though. 

This is where a metronome can help. It keeps track of the beat for you so you can listen while you play. 

After practising with a metronome in the background for a while you will start to get a sense of rhythm and how each note fits into each beat. 


Build Speed

Playing at different speeds can take a lot of practice to perfect, and it can be easy to lose time when speeding up or slowing down. 

When learning to play really fast songs, it is easier to start a little slower and gradually increase your speed over a few practice sessions. Using a metronome can help you increase your speed subtly and keep track of your progress. 

The same is true for learning slower tempos. 

Setting the metronome will also help ensure that you don’t randomly change speeds during a piece of music. Changing speed can be an almost unconscious action, especially in difficult spots. But with a metronome, you can stay at the right speed. 


Subdivide The Beat

Subdividing the beat can be extremely difficult to do without a measuring device. Using a metronome you can divide the beat so it clicks on the main beat and then the sixteenth notes. 

This can help you gain greater control over the beat and play at a more steady tempo. 


Track Progress

Playing by ear with no teacher around can be hard to know whether you’re improving or by how much. By using a metronome you will be able to see and understand your rate of improvement.

By keeping track of speeds that you struggle with, you will be able to understand the areas where you need to improve. This will ensure that you pay attention and spend time practising techniques that need work.


Develop Musical Awareness

When learning instruments there can be so many factors to focus on. With the sheet music, time signature, playing techniques, rhythm and tempo, it can all be quite overwhelming.

Using a metronome forces you to listen to the beat, and can help clear your overactive mind. This can also bring greater awareness to the music that you are playing. 


Where To Get One

To start reaping the benefits of a metronome you first need to purchase one. There are both digital and physical options available, depending on your preferences. 

There are many websites online where you can access digital metronomes for free or small fees. However, if you’re a lover of physical objects, then you can get a physical digital or analog metronome at almost any music store. 

You can view our range of metronomes on our website or by visiting our Infinite Music store in Nambour, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Our experts can also teach you more about how they work and help you choose the right one for your needs.