Exciting Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Musician Friends

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts. 

Since it’s getting late, we’ve put together a list of amazing music-themed gifts. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or larger gifts, there’s sure to be something for every musician on this list. 


Guitar with Strings on top

Any musician knows that strings can wear and break over time, especially if you play often. This makes them the perfect gift for musicians who specialise in guitar, violin, ukulele, mandolin or any other string instrument.

Guitar Picks

Multicoloured Guitar Picks

Just like strings, guitar picks constantly wear out. They’re also small, so they’re easy to misplace. Any guitar player will tell you that you can NEVER have enough picks, making them the ideal gift for guitar players.

When purchasing these as a gift it can be a great idea to find some that match your friend’s interest or even have them personalised. This way they’ll always think of you when they’re playing.


Guitar Strap

While guitar straps aren’t as likely to go missing as picks, they’re still something that musicians tend to collect. 

Straps come in so many different designs, so you are sure to find one that matches your friend’s personality. However, you can get customised ones that are completely unique. 



A great gift for any music lover is speakers so they can show off their skills by performing in front of people. Speakers are also great for allowing them to jam out and get in the musical headspace. 

For performances, powered speakers are best, but if you are looking for something more portable for jam sessions to play along with, then bluetooth speakers are the way to go.


Headphones on desk with laptop

Musicians are constantly listening to music, whether it’s their own songs or taking inspiration from others. 

A great alternative to speakers, which are better for a group, you could get them a set of high-quality headphones. This way they can enjoy clear music whenever and wherever they want.

Recording Software

Musician making music with software on two desktops.

Recording software is a great gift for any musicians who are looking to start expanding their horizons and mixing their own tunes. 

It’s one thing to play music for fun, but with enough practice, skill and the right software, it can be made into a gratifying career. 

Vinyl Records

Multicoloured Vinyl Records

While this isn’t something that will directly enhance their musical abilities, many musicians love to listen to their favourite tunes through a crisp record. Records also look great out on display in a music room. 


Musical Instruments

Range of instruments from left to right: guitar, amp, drum kit, bass

If you’re looking to splurge a little extra on your loved ones you can help them enhance their musical journey by gifting them an instrument.

In this category, your options are endless. You could get them anything from a fancy electric guitar to a shiny, new flute. 

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