Shining the Spotlight on the Best Fender Guitars

Fender has been manufacturing guitars for 75 years, and is the home of some of the most iconic electric guitars of the past century.

Originally designed to be the working man's guitar, Fender is now known for their luxury, high quality instruments. They have guitars that are suitable for all different genres of music, from rock, country, pop, metal, blues and jazz. 

Infinite Music has a diverse range of Fender Guitars for sale, and to celebrate their 75 years of business, we’re shining the spotlight on some of their best electric guitars and bass guitars. 

Fender Noventa Stratocaster 

Leo Fender worked with professional guitarists in order to create an instrument that was incredibly player friendly and appealing to the eye. From this came the classic strat. 

The Fender Strat is their signature model, and is beloved for it’s vintage style and it’s playability. It makes a great beginner guitar, as it’s easy to upgrade and easy to learn on. It’s a guitar that can grow with you as you learn. 

This beautiful Stratocaster comes in a Daphne Blue finish, with single coil pickups for that classic and iconic Fender play and sound. It comes with an alder body and maple neck and the 6-saddle vintage-style strat strings-through-body hardtail bridge pickups. 

It’s a great guitar for beginners and experienced players alike. If you’d like to give this powerful guitar a try, come visit the Infinite Music store in Nambour, Sunshine Coast. 

Fender Flea Jazz Bass Guitar

This attractive bass is a recreation of the classic, road worn 1961 pink shell bass of the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea. Known for his animated and energetic bass performances, Flea first picked up the vintage Fender Jazz Bass in the early 2000’s.

Considering the vintage version of this bass once sold for $35,000, this faithful recreation is an absolute bargain. It stays true to the original style, flaws and all, to keep that character and sound that is well loved. 

It features the C shaped neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, vintage style machine head and a 4 saddle vintage style bridge with middle pickups. 

This versatile bass is the perfect instrument for anyone who loves that iconic vintage fender sound, or anyone who just wants a nice collectors piece for their own collection. 

Fender American Professional II Jazz 

This bass has been designed to look incredibly cool while also being supremely reliable and durable, for those players who put their instruments to work. It has an Alder body finished in a gloss dark knight, which exudes power. 

It comes with a newly sculpted neck heel, making it very comfortable, and giving you easy access to the upper register. This bass combines decades of design and evolution, and delivers on the punch and clarity that a Fender Jazz Bass promises.

If you’re looking for a bass that will last through long rock sessions, and travel on the road, this is the perfect guitar for you. 

Fender 75th Anniversary Commemorative Telecaster 

This beautiful, 2-colour bourbon burst Telecaster was created to commemorate the original designs of Leo Fender. This guitar honours the bold and influential designs of Fender, while combining it with modern innovation. 

It features gold hardware and pearl button locking tuners, for a luxurious feeling. It has the classic C shaped maple neck profile, along with Custom Shop Tele pickups to create the searing Telecaster twang with sparkle and clarity. 

This anniversary edition guitar will come with a molded hardshell case, a special certificate of authenticity, a 75th anniversary ingot inlaid into the back of the headstock and an engraved anniversary neck plate.

This is a great guitar for any Fender lover to add to their collection, and comes with all the playability and smoothness that Fender is known for. 

Fender has had such a long history in guitar manufacturing because time after time they have created bold, innovative and high quality guitars that represent guitar lovers. 

If you want to browse the large range of Fender guitars available, you can see them both online and in store at Infinite Music Nambour.