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Infinite Music is proud to have a wide selection of amplifiers for you to choose from. 

At their base level, amplifiers are used to strengthen the weak sound from an instrument, so that it can be replicated through a loudspeaker. They help you rock out at max volume levels, giving you the best sound from your instrument. 

If you are looking to record your music or perform, they are an essential part of your setup. 

They can also play a big role in a musician's signature sound. 

Different types of amplifiers can have different sounds, and different types of tone control, from equalizers to distortion. Tube amplifiers are known for their tone and having a more full-bodied sound. Some amplifiers are used to emphasise different frequencies as well. 

To help you decide on the best amp for you, here are three things to consider when purchasing an amplifier. 

Type of Instrument & Amplifier

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an amp is what type of instrument you are using it for. 

Many amplifiers are optimised for certain types of instruments. Whether it's an electric guitar, a bass, a keyboard or an acoustic guitar, there are different types of amps best suited for each instrument. 

Solid-state amps are more popular with bass guitar players and keyboard players, as they can create a good clean and undistorted signal. They’re also a bit lighter, which can be convenient when travelling and performing. 

Tube amps have been around from the beginning, and use vacuum tubes, hence their name. Tube amps are much better for distortion and can be pushed to the max and still sound amazing, unlike a solid-state amp. They make great electric guitar amps, and their natural distortion creates a wonderfully warm tone. 

There are always exceptions to the rules though, and it’s best to experiment for yourself, to see what sort of sound works for you. 


Price is always an important factor when making a purchase. Everyone's budget and needs are different, and luckily Infinite Music has a wide range of amps to cater to all these different price points. 

If you’re a hobbyist musician, a beginner, or just on a budget, there is a whole range of well made, high quality and affordable amps available on the market. You typically don’t want to be spending more on your amp than you did on your guitar, especially if you’re not going to be using it frequently. 

Usually, it’s always better to buy nice, not twice. The build quality of a more expensive powered amp is going to be better than a cheaper one, and your sound quality will benefit. If you’re looking to perform frequently, especially on large stages, it is good to invest in a more expensive amplifier. 

Infinite Music has a huge range of high-quality amps, from affordable prices to the more luxury, high-end equipment. 

Combo or Head?

Combo amps are very common, and consist of the amplifier and speakers all connected together in one box. They’re super portable and easy to use and they’re typically a cheaper option. Less set-up is involved, as it is already done for you. 

Amp heads, however, do not come with their own speakers built-in, and you would typically pair them with a cab. Amp heads are a bit more versatile, as well as usually being more expensive. You have room to change your speakers and upgrade, so long as they match well with your amp head. 

In the end, it will come down to your own personal uses and preferences.

If you’re wanting to get the opinion of an expert team and check out the amps for yourself, visit us today at the Sunshine Coast Infinite Music store! 

If you’re not local, you can always check out the range online, or call us on 54415454 if you have any questions about your next music purchase.