Overview of the Jupiter Brass & Woodwind Range

It’s always exciting when you decide you want to start learning a new instrument. The biggest question is always which one!

If you’re a lover of polished rich sounding instruments then brass and woodwind instruments might call out to you. If so then Jupiter has an amazing range of entry level instruments perfect for learning the basics. 

The Jupiter range is designed specially for students and beginners and as such all of Jupiter’s instruments are protected by a 5 year manufacturers warranty. So you can feel secure to make the investment in one of these state of the art instruments. 

Professional players all start somewhere, and that is as a student. So, to help you get started, we’ve compiled a beginners overview to Jupiter’s range of instruments.

Jupiter JFL-700UE Flute with Straight and Curved Head Joints

Jupiter JFL-700UE Flute with Straight and Curved Head Joints

The Jupiter JFL-700UE Flute is luxurious-looking with silver-plated nickel silver body, genesis headjoint and keys. But this isn’t just for looks; the high nickel content helps it produce a rich sound. 

This flute is a perfect entry level instrument for beginners to grow with. 

Including straight and curved head joints, this flute is easily adjustable so you can grow with the instrument and always maintain the correct posture. Its plateau keys also assist with easy playing for both beginners and advanced students. 

If you’re a student then it’s inevitable that you’ll need to transport your flute daily, so to ensure it’s protected it comes with a specially designed ABS molded case.

Jupiter JFL700E Student Flute With Split E

Jupiter JFL700E Student Flute With Split E

The JFL700E Student Flute With Split E provides both durability and enhanced tonal quality thanks to its silver-plated nickel silver body and head joint. 

Ribbed construction and hidden adjustment screws give this flute enhanced comfort and customisability options. Making this a great flute to learn with. 

The French case and cover will also keep your flute safe and sound whenever it’s not in use. 

Jupiter JTB730A Tenor Trombone

Jupiter JTB730A Tenor Trombone

If you’re not so keen on the flute, how about a Trombone?

The one piece lead pipe and brass slide design of the JTB730A Tenor Trombone offers superior response time making it ideal for beginners. 

The JTB730A trombone is simple to maintain thanks to the extended-lever water key which allows you to drain condensation quickly and with minimal effort. 

Jupiter JTR500 Trumpet

Jupiter JTR500 Trumpet

The JTR500 Trumpet stands out in its own unique way due to its lacquered brass body and stainless steel pistons. 

The stainless steel pistons enhance playability by promoting smooth and fast actions. 

This entry level trumpet allows you to achieve maximum performance comfort due to the customisable design of the 1st and 3rd valve slides. 

Jupiter JCL700N Bb Student Clarinet

Jupiter JCL700N Bb Student Clarinet

Still trying to decide? Well, here’s one more instrument for you to consider.

As the name suggests, the JCL700N Bb Student Clarinet is designed for beginners who are learning the instrument. 

This clarinet is also high quality due to its ABS resin body and nickel-plated nickel silver keys. The JCL700N Bb helps you perform with supreme comfort with the adjustable thumb rest.

This clarinet also encourages easy transport and complete protection with the newly designed lightweight, compact hard case. 

Jupiter Flute Care Kit

Like all things in life, instruments require healthy upkeep and regular cleaning. I know, cleaning sounds like a long boring process, right?

It doesn’t have to be, with instrument care kits. Care kits make maintaining your brass or woodwind instrument a breeze.

The Jupiter Flute Care Kit includes all the basic supplies you need to keep your flute sparkling like new, including a polishing cloth, body swab, duster brush, pad paper, and case ID tag.  

Explore Our Range For Yourself

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