Choosing the Best Electronic Drum Kit

When deciding on which new instrument to learn, it can be a difficult decision to make because they’re all great. Saying that, you really can’t go wrong with drums. They allow you to get a full body workout while teaching you about rhythm and beat.

Drums get a bad rap for their excessive noise, but this doesn't have to be the case. With the introduction of the electric drum kits we have made it possible to play one of the noisiest instruments in silence, due to their stereo headphone output connect-ability and soft pads. 

No more noisy rehearsals, no more complaints from the neighbours, silence all around for everyone except you. 

There are a whole host of things to consider when choosing a new drum kit, including sound quality, your experience level, available space, and your budget. 

Have a look below at some of our amazing electric drum kits that will help you start off your drumming career.


Carlsbro CSD100 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Carlsbro CSD100 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The Carlsbro CSD100 is ideal for beginners on a budget.

This 7 piece electronic drum kit is designed to be lightweight and ultra compact, two factors that are essential in a portable device. The Carlsbro CSD100 makes this the ideal kit if you need to pack it up often for travelling.

The Carlsbro CSD100 is height adjustable making it easy to achieve your most comfortable drumming position. 

With recording and playback facilities, you can easily listen to and keep track of your improvements over time. It can be hard to hear your own mistakes while you’re playing so this is ideal for self-teachers. 

Whether this is a personal hobby or you are aiming for a professional career, the Carlsbro CSD100 drum kit is perfect for you.


D-Tronic 5 Piece Electronic Drum Kit

D-Tronic 5 Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The D-Tronic is great for those who are still learning the ropes as it has all the extras including 30 song styles and 2 demo songs, a USB port to host, drum throne, headphones, drum sticks, stick bag and DC9V power supply.

You will be happy to know that there is little assembly with this kit and you get the larger pads giving a more authentic drumming experience. 

The Stereo master ¼" output, and aux. in for MP3/CD allow you to play-along with any songs of your choice. The fine tuning abilities of the pad’s sensitivity, threshold, velocity and cross-talk controls add to your ambience and place this kit in a league above non-customisable acoustic drums. 

With real time recording and playback, 8 reverb and 8 chorus effects and the preset songs, you will love how professional this 5 piece D-Tronic kit sounds. 

Roland TD-07DMK V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-07DMK V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-07DMK despite the compact size it packs a huge punch, the CY-5 crash and ride cymbals let you play like a pro where space is tight. With the onboard coach mode to help you learn, and bluetooth compatibility allowing you to play along with music that is streamed from your phone, tablet or computer. 

Because of its small footprint, it makes it perfect as a home kit providing rock energy into your room. Complete with an array of creative features, this Roland TD-07DMK far outweighs the alternative noisy acoustic drum kits.

You can connect this kit to your computer via USB and start to play around with computer-based recording software and use deep tone editing tools to play around and start creating your own unique sound. 

This professional kit will help you transform your home into your own personal recording studio. 


Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Kit

Looking for something with real sound and ambience, let me introduce you to the Yamaha DXT 6K-X, which is fine tuned to follow your performance and promote maximum musical expression. 

This kit’s sounds are recorded in world-renowned studio conditions so you can enjoy a studio-esque experience from your home with authentic drum sounds. Using Yamaha's original Textured Cellular Silicone head for all pads, this kit achieves the most natural feel and rebound. 

This high end kit is aimed towards professional drummers who are looking to create their own unique sounds and mix their own music. The ambience, comp, and effect Kit Modifier knobs are designed to help you let your creativity soar while you smash out endless musical masterpieces.


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