Guitars You Need To Add To Your Collection in 2022

As avid guitar lovers, we all know that just one guitar isn’t enough to truly satisfy the itch, and soon you find yourself hoarding guitars like a dragon on a pile of gold. 

With so many amazing and unique styles and colours, it’s hard to stop at just one. Which is why we’re happy to feed the addiction with some of the coolest guitars around. 

We like to think of our shop as a guitarists paradise, and when you walk through the door you’ll understand exactly why. We have a massive range of electric, acoustic and bass guitars to suit every style. 


If you’re just a beginner, you might want to start with common mistakes when purchasing a guitar and if you want some more specific recommendations, you can learn more about electric guitars here


Now with that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are some guitars you should consider adding to your collection in 2022! 

Fender Made in Japan Traditional 70s Telecaster Thinline

The Telecaster is one of the most reliable and diverse electric guitars, and this gorgeous vintage style Made In Japan edition is no exception. 

This gorgeous guitar comes in a natural  lightweight and resonant semi hollow Ash body with a gloss finish that is sure to get you some appreciative nods. 

While the Telecaster is notable for being the perfect guitar for country music, this beauty is going to serve you well no matter the genre.

You can play it all day and night or simply admire it for hours on end. 

Pre-order is available here


Kramer Nite-V Plus Electric Guitar - Alpine White

When it comes to unique body shapes, the Gibson Flying V is definitely one of the first ones that comes to mind. 

This Kramer Nite V Plus guitar comes in Alpine White and definitely makes a loud and proud statement. This is definitely a shred till your dead guitar, with its lightweight body that makes it less straining on your shoulders when you’re playing for longer periods of time .

Due to the body shape, this electric guitar provides amazing accessibility to the lower frets on the guitar, and it produces a warm and thick mid-low range tone, with sparkling and punchy highs for clearer definition in mixes and live situations.  

The Nite V Plus is the perfect guitar for anything from classic rock to wide open thrash. 

So if you’ve been looking for a guitar that lets you show off all your flash moves on stage, then this is the perfect addition to your collection


Tanglewood Winterleaf Blonde Superfolk Acoustic Electric Guitar

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit flashier than the usual acoustic guitar, then this Tanglewood guitar in an Aquamarine gloss will fit the bill. 

This guitar gives you easy access to upper frets, and the mahogany neck and maple fingerboard are extremely comfortable to use. 

This guitar gives you clear, strong and natural acoustic sound on and off the stage, and is going to work with any style of music you want to play on it. 


Squier 40TH Anniversary Jazz Bass Guitar - Vintage Edition

In order to celebrate 40 years since Fender launched Squier under its own banner in 1982, they are releasing a range of 40th Anniversary edition guitars. 

The Squier Jazz Bass Guitar is a part of this collection released in 2022, and is available in a dreamy satin seafoam green finish. 

This affordable jazz bass is a true tribute to the Fender guitars of the past, with amazing craftsmanship and tonal qualities that have made them a favourite of countless bassists. 

It features a Nyatoh wood body, and the Fender designed Alnico single-coil pickups are versatile enough to play any style of music and produce the familiar J bass tone. 


Sterling by Music Man StingRay Classic RAY24CA-BSC-M1 Bass Guitar

Since 1976 the StingRay has endured as one of the most iconic bass guitars, for good reason. The Music Man bass delivers a lot of kick and personality, with excellent mid range and not too hi fi treble. 

They work well as studio guitars, and can deliver that punchy sound you’re after. This versatile bass comes in a delicious butterscotch finish that is sure to sweeten the deal. 

Check it out for yourself here!


Gretsch G5410T Electromatic Rat Rod Electric Guitar

This hollow body single cut electric guitar gives you the best of both worlds with that old school look, but with the modern performance we’ve come to love. 

Finished in matte black, this beauty has the oversized F-holes that give it that vintage style.

They weren’t messing around when making this guitar, it truly does deliver that vintage style tone with a good level of grunt. If you want to hear just what this astounding guitar is capable of, just listen to it for yourself here

Overall, this Gretsch Electromatic Rat Rod is an amazing guitar, with an affordable price tag that won’t have you crying too hard at the checkout. 

Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS Electric Guitar

Want to talk about a guitar that will stand out? Well this Jackson X Series Dinky delivers in the appropriately named Caution Yellow finish. The pink pickup bobbins and Jackson headstock logo only add to the look. 

The nyatoh body with sculpted shredder’s cut heel gives you unbelievably quick access to the upper frets. The Jackson high-output humbucking pickup delivers a full, rich tone with maximum overdrive and sustain. 

This well built, affordable guitar is guaranteed to turn heads while you rock out. 

Fender Player Plus Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar 

Fender continues to deliver on their promise of making guitars for musicians. The Fender Player Plus Strat is just another example of this, giving guitar enthusiasts an incredibly versatile guitar suitable for any music genre. 

The maple neck with a modern C Player Plus Strat profile, is smooth and easy to play and is topped with a Maple fingerboard with a 12" radius and rolled edges for a comfortable playing experience.

We’re big fans of green here, if you couldn’t tell already, and the Cosmic Jade finish certainly fills our hearts with joy. You can look at this gorgeous instrument for yourself here

This is only a tiny splash in the ocean of amazing guitars that we stock. If you browse our online store, you’re sure to fall in love with one of the instruments you find. 

You can visit us in person at our Nambour, Sunshine Coast megastore. The friendly team are always keen to talk to you about music, and you can try some of these guitars out in person!