Common Mistakes When Buying Your First Guitar - Checkout Our Australian Guitar Shop

So you have a new found love for guitar and are ready to take the plunge and purchase one of your very own. When you walk into a music store the choice of guitars can be overwhelming. With different types of guitars and plenty of other options to choose from, beginners can end up purchasing the wrong guitar for their needs. 

Many first timers choose a guitar based on looks, some without even giving it a go beforehand. There is so much more to consider when it comes to making your purchase besides going for a guitar that is easy on the eyes. For example you want to select the type that is going to work best for you and get assistance at Infinite Music guitar shop Sunshine Coast. Here are common mistakes when buying your first guitar.

The Incorrect Size Guitar

When it comes to buying a guitar there are a broad range of sizes to select from. A smaller statured person may have issues playing a full sized instrument, whilst an above average person will struggle to play a smaller instrument comfortably. Arm span and the amount of weight in which you are able to hold, whilst playing, should be taken into account. 

Buying Based On Brand

Some brands are definitely going to have more premium instruments than others but as a beginner you don’t need all of the bells and whistles that these brands offer. Some lesser known brands will have the quality that you are after at a much lower price point. When you have played guitar for some time you can look into other brand options down the track. 

Based On Price Alone

Budget will always be a consideration when purchasing a significant item such as a great guitar from Infinite Music. Although there are a wide range of price tags when it comes to acoustic or electric guitars, it is important to remember that the price may reflect the quality of the item. Cheaper ones may not sound as great as you would like and could have difficulty staying in tune. 

Shopping At Discounted Stores

Discount stores may provide attractive discounts but if you are looking for a quality instrument to allow you to learn how to play well, it isn’t a logical decision. The discount stores generally sell cheap guitars that are more like toys and not suitable for guitar players. The extra money that you spend on a quality guitar from a professional music store will be more worthwhile and sustainable. 

Not Playing Before Purchasing 

If you don’t try the instrument it is likely that you won’t find the perfect fit for your needs. You should give it a couple of plays to test it out and see exactly what it can do. If you are interested in multiple, playing them can help to narrow down your choice. 

Playing in front of people may be a bit nerve racking but you will be surrounded by industry professionals at Infinite Music that can guide you through the process. Having a play around in store with a few different models is the optimum way to find out which one is best for you. 

When choosing your first guitar for beginners, you will get all of the support and help that you need from our friendly team at Infinite Music. It is important to take these common mistakes into consideration when you are in the market for your first instrument. Remember to have fun, test them out and make sure you find the best fit for your needs. Check out the Infinite Music range here.