Benefits Of Learning To Play An Instrument

There is nothing quite like the feeling of playing those black and white keys in symphony or perfecting a soothing tune on the strings of a guitar. Music offers much more than touching the soul. Music also enhances the cognitive functions of the brain and playing an instrument has the ability to engage every part of the brain at once. Here are the benefits of learning to play an instrument from a Sunshine Coast music shop.

Improves Brain Function

Playing a musical instrument sharpens the mind as we age and it is never too late to pick up a musical instrument. There are lasting benefits no matter what age you start. Playing an instrument helps in problem solving creatively and effectively, as messages travel quicker through the brain hemispheres. The control and coordination that it takes to learn an instrument actively improves brain function. 

Optimises Memory

Playing or listening to musical instruments improves your motor skills, which are responsible for basic functions such as walking, balancing and running among others. It also develops organisational skills, which improves your overall memory.

Shows Determination

Learning and playing musical instruments requires dedication and practice, as it takes time to perfect the skill. It requires determination, especially when trying to hit those hard notes. Due to the perseverance that it requires, playing musical instruments has the ability to bring us back to reality.

Enhances Concentration

Playing an instrument requires focus, as there are many components that go into it. Paying attention to elements such as tone, tempo, note duration and rhythm is a necessary skill to learn. Therefore learning to play an instrument has the ability to enhance your concentration. 

Improves Maths, Reading And Comprehension Skills

Learning to play a musical instrument can help to improve not only your mathematical skills but also your reading and comprehension abilities. Learning music requires you to understand acoustics, which is based on mathematics. Deciphering and practicing rhythmic patterns also assist with improving your reading and comprehension capabilities.

There are a multitude of benefits that come from learning to play an instrument. Improving brain function, optimising memory, showing determination and improving your skills are just some of the advantages a musical instrument can provide. Musical instruments can open you up to a whole new world of opportunities. 

The team at Infinite Music can assist you with selecting the perfect instrument for your needs and aspirations. Head in store today and see our friendly team members who have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to instruments and the music industry.