Why You Should Shop With Infinite Music

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of walking into a music shop and seeing the walls lined with different instruments, all sparkling and ready to play. 

If you’ve ever visited the Infinite Music shop, you’d know straight away that there is something truly special about this 3 story megastore. 

We pride ourselves on serving our community, and working closely with musicians and schools, to help bring the best customer service and instruments. 

So, if you’re looking for the best Sunshine Coast music shop, then look no further than Infinite Music! 

The Store

The great part of any music shop is, of course, the musical instruments.

And the best way to find the perfect instrument for you is to try them all out! So whether you want to tap the triangle, bang the bongos or slay the synthesiser, you can try it all out before you make your decision. 

There’s no pressure to purchase right away, but once you get your hands on these beautiful instruments, it’ll be hard to let go. 

So whether you’re looking to buy a new instrument, want some more information, or even if you just want to chat music, then come in to Infinite Music, and you’ll be sure to be smiling the whole way through. 

Knowledgeable Staff

A music store is only as good as the staff that work in it, and when it comes to staff, we consider ourselves pretty lucky. 

All of our staff are genuine musicians, with years of experience, and who better to get help and advice from about instruments than actual musicians? 

Whether you need someone to track down your dream cymbal, or you need advice on what strings are perfect for your guitar, we’ve got you covered. 

With a whole range of specialities, there’ll always be someone to help you with any queries or concerns.

And while they take their music seriously, they’re always down to have a chat and a laugh with you, because music should be about fun too. 

You can even check them out on YouTube, and see for yourself just how well they know their products, like this Maton ER90C Acoustic Electric Guitar.

HUGE Range 

Infinite Music has a massive range of quality instruments.  Bass’s, bongos, banjos, brass... and I’m running out of b instruments, but you get the point! There’s something for everyone, catering to different genres and budgets. 

There’s even a whole heap of accessories to go along with all of these instruments. 

We stock the world's leading brands including Fender, Martin, Maton, Cole Clark, Roland, korg, Yamaha, Casio, Cort, Pearl, Gretsch, Guild, Sigma, Katoh, Cordoba, Marshall, Jupiter and Epiphone. 

And if you’re unlucky enough to not be able to visit this Sunshine Coast music shop, don’t worry, you can explore the range online

With FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99 to QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and SA, you can’t go wrong!

Music Lessons

Like I said, the team at Infinite Music is filled with experienced musicians, and that includes the Music School. 

The store has 6 teaching rooms, and a range of teachers catering to nearly every instrument you can think of. There are lessons ranging from beginner to advanced, from all ages. 

The Infinite Music education department is one of the biggest on the Sunshine Coast.

We are also proud to supply many schools with instruments as are a preferred Queensland school provider.

In House Servicing & Repairs

When it comes to looking after your instrument, there is often a lot to consider. This can be overwhelming to handle on your own, so that’s why Infinite Music aims to make it a bit easier by offering in house servicing. 

We offer servicing for most instruments, and will handle them as lovingly as you would. 

We also offer in house repairs, so if you ever have a problem with your instrument, or it breaks, you can come see us!