Gift Ideas For Music Lovers and Musicians

With the holiday season coming up, many of us are left struggling to find gift ideas for the loved ones in our lives. 

So why not support the music lover or musician in your life by getting them a gift that encourages their love for music? Whether it’s a new vinyl record, a music box or even a music themed card game, there are so many options for gifts. 

So whether there's a birthday, special holiday or you just want to show your appreciation, here are some great gift ideas for the music lover in your life.


A nice quality pair of headphones or earphones is a great gift idea for a music lover. 

If they don’t already own a pair, the Audio Technica M50x is a great beginner set of headphones. Beautiful sound quality, durable and comfortable on the head for long hours of listening to their favourite songs, and it even works well for studio recording. 

If they already have a set of headphones, you might think they already have enough... Wrong! For a true audiophile there is no such thing as too many pairs of headphones.

Different headphones will give you different signature sounds. Oh this one gives you more bass… but this one is more balanced, but this pair is smoother and more warm... and so on. It’s an endless rabbit hole once you fall down it. 

Open-backed headphones will have a different sound to closed-back headphones

If they’re constantly moving around and travelling, a set of wireless headphones with a nice battery life can help them listen to music in high quality on the go. 

In short, headphones, or even earphones, are a great gift for any music lover. 

Guitar Accessories 

For the guitar players in your life, getting them a new accessory is a great way to show a small token of your appreciation. 

Something as simple as a guitar pick can go a long way, and they can think of you every time they’re playing music with that pick.  

A guitar strap is also a great gift idea, with lots of different styles and colours available you can upgrade their bland or old strap to something with a bit more flair. 

A new instrument 

For those of you feeling bold, brave and generous, a new instrument is an exciting gift for anyone to unwrap. 

For this gift idea, you can set your own budget. It can be a more affordable instrument, like a ukulele or a beginner acoustic guitar. You can venture out into the more uncommon goods like harmonicas, a triangle, and if you have kids, the dreaded recorder. This kind of gift is great for people looking for an easy introduction to learning to play an instrument. 

If you’re looking to truly spoil someone though, you can spend some more on an expensive instrument like an electric guitar, or drum set

With this gift, it’s best that you know the person well, and understand their preferences and needs when it comes to their musical instruments. If they’re an experienced musician, picking an instrument that will fit nicely into their collection will be a truly outstanding gift. 

Music Lessons

Know someone who has been talking about learning an instrument for years but has never taken the plunge? Maybe they bought an acoustic guitar and now it sits dusty at home, or they’ve been singing around the house for years, dreaming of the stage. 

Why not gift them some music lessons, and help them kickstart their musical journey? 

Infinite Music has lessons for all ages, and instrument types. Whether it’s the piano or vocals, the expert teachers can help your music lover achieve their dreams. 

The shop has an onsite music school, located in Nambour, Sunshine Coast. 

Gift Cards

When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with a gift card. 

This is a great gift that gives you and the receiver a lot of flexibility. You get to choose exactly how much you want to spend, and they get to pick out exactly what they want. 

Worried it’s not personal enough? Pair it with a nice card and you’re golden. Whether it helps them buy that new guitar they’ve been wanting for years, or they indulge in a cool new accessory, they’re sure to appreciate the gesture. 

We hope this gave you some good gift ideas. Feel free to visit us in person on the Sunshine Coast, or browse our range at our online music store.