Care Tips for Your Brass Instruments

Let’s be honest, who likes cleaning? Pretty much no one. It’s just a part of life that we must accept if we want to keep our things looking and working great. 

Instruments are no different. To keep them in the best working order they require regular care and maintenance. I know this sounds like a boring process but it doesn’t have to be. 

Let’s look at some ways that you can make caring for your instrument easier and less boring. 

Make it a Routine

We’ve all had instances where we’ve put something off for so long that it has made a simple chore seem like a nightmare. It is better to create a routine and stick to it, especially when it comes to chores like cleaning. 

Your routine will depend on how often you use your instrument. If you play regularly then you should be cleaning at least the mouthpiece once a week. If you’re a more sporadic player then it is recommended that you clean your mouthpiece after each use.

Regardless of how frequently you play you should make it a habit to clean your whole instrument once a month. This will ensure it’s free of any surface dust or dirt and sounds great. 

Keep the Mouthpiece Sanitary

If you’re looking for a motivator to get you to clean your brass instruments then think about the hygiene factors. With instruments such as the trumpet, trombone and french horn you have to put your mouth on the mouthpiece to play, so make sure you keep it clean and healthy.

You can easily clean your instrument’s mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush and gentle soap. This only takes a few extra minutes after you finish playing and is really important for your health. 

Use the Bathtub

One reason many of us put off cleaning larger instruments is the difficulty of the task. Fitting a long instrument like a trombone or a large tuba in the sink is extremely difficult, so instead we recommend using a bathtub if you have one.

Once you’ve disassembled your instrument, removing the tuning slides, the top and bottom valve caps, and the valves, then you can simply fill the tub with lukewarm water and some mild soap and submerge your instrument. 

Use a brush to clean out the tubes, and a soft cloth to dry it, then just reassemble and you’re done. This method removes the struggle and will have your instrument looking like new in no time. 

Invest in Care Kits

Care kits make keeping your instrument clean a breeze. They include everything you need to keep your instrument shining like new, including simple instructions. 

One example is the Jupiter Flute Care Kit which includes all the necessary supplies to keep your flute looking and sounding amazing. This kit includes a polishing cloth, body swab, duster brush, pad paper, and case ID tag.  

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