Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

Are you looking for a new hobby to enrich your life? Why not learn to play an instrument?

There are so many options, all with extensive and exciting possibilities. So, let’s discuss some of the amazing benefits of learning to play an instrument.


Stimulates the Brain

Learning a musical instrument can increase your cognitive abilities and motor skills. Many studies have found a correlation between musical training and academic performance in children and adults alike. 

Learning an instrument requires strong focus and coordination, which in turn strengthens your motor skills, listening, memory and processing skills. Some studies say that learning an instrument can even increase your IQ by up to seven points.

Through this stimulation and the processes involved in learning to play a musical instrument your memory can be greatly improved. Research  has shown that learning an instrument enhances verbal memory, and literary skills as it uses both sides of the brain. 

Playing an instrument requires memorization of keys, notes, tones, finger positions and so much more. All of which will stimulate your brain and increase a range of skills. 


Relieves Stress

Learning a musical instrument can also help relieve symptoms or stress and anxiety. Music can help steady your heart rate and regulate your blood pressure during stressful situations. 

Listening to music can have these effects, but playing music offers these benefits as well as an added layer of distraction. This is due to the concentration required to play a piece of music. 

Once you hear the sound of a well played tune you will likely feel a sense of relaxation and be able to conquer whatever it was that stressed you out with ease. 

This is especially beneficial for people who have heightened stress levels from anxiety or depression.


Builds Confidence

Playing a piece of music well can make you feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, as especially in the beginning, learning to play a song is not always a walk in the park. But it is sure to help you build confidence and gets easier with practice and time.

As you improve your abilities and start to perform in front of your family and friends you’ll continually boost your confidence levels both in yourself and in performing. 

This confidence will quickly transfer to all the different aspects of your life.


Fosters Creativity

Learning to play a piece of music on any instrument can do wonders for the creative parts of your brain. 

Playing around and learning all the things your instrument can do and the different sounds it can make can be a lot of fun. Once you become more musically trained you can even start to play around more and create your own compositions. 

But in the meantime, music lessons can also be a great way to get creative with a group of likeminded budding musicians. 


Improves Patience

Learning to play an instrument even with lessons and a great music teacher can take time. It is a process that is highly rewarding and worth all of the practice and patience as you improve your skills.

With consistent practice and perseverance you will gradually improve your skills and become more fluent in your musical abilities. And in turn you will find that you have more patience and understanding in your day-to-day life.


It’s Fun

The last and most important benefit we want to give an honourable mention to is the element of fun. If you’re looking for an enjoyable hobby to fill your spare time or even turn into a performance career down the line, you needn’t look any further than instruments.

While all these other benefits are great, the main reason you should start learning an instrument is purely because it is a lot of fun. 

Many people say that music is essential to their everyday life; we listen to music in the car, while working, while exercising. So, why not take it a step further and start playing music yourself. 

Regardless of which instrument you pick you are guaranteed to have many hours of enjoyable practice and performance. 

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